Lab Resource Groups

A lab resource group (LRG) is a voluntary network led by the Fermi-community that serves as a resource to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace that is aligned with the organization’s mission, values and goals.

LRGs are valuable to an organization for four key reasons:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Talent / Leadership Development
  • Outreach

Below are LRGs managed by the Diversity and Inclusion Office.

Women’s Initiative

To ensure women are respected and valued in the workplace, the Fermilab Women’s Initiative provides a platform for professional growth and empowerment.
All members of the Fermilab community contribute to an equitable workplace environment. The Fermilab Women’s Initiative is focused on the ways in which women have an impact on the workplace and the importance of promoting gender equity.
Jennifer Gondorchin, Lita Scott, Kathryn Zappia                  Sponsor: Robert Roser, PhD, CIO

Documents / Agendas/ Minutes

Fermilab African-American/Black Association

To serve as a resource and advocate for the lab’s black diaspora by encouraging and supporting an inclusive environment at Fermilab.
The group will directly contribute to Fermilab’ s goal of retaining and recruiting a culturally diverse workforce by developing and fostering an environment which will allow African-Americans and allies to thrive as professionals.

Hispanic/Latino Forum

To advocate for educational, vocational and employment opportunities on behalf of Hispanic, Latino and people of Latin or Spanish cultures or origins, regardless of race.
The Hispanic/Latino Forum is focused on actively increasing awareness and providing inspiration and motivation to the Fermilab community to contribute to an equitable workplace environment for all on site.


To build awareness and provide resources for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allies (LGBTQA+) community in order to foster an environment of understanding, acceptance, and equality for all within the laboratory community.
The group will focus on promoting equity at all levels, advancing LGBTQA+ friendly policies and benefits, promoting an inclusive and welcoming workplace environment, and participating in outreach activities.