Fermilab Young Professionals

MissionTo offer a platform for young professionals to connect with fellow Fermilab community members to learn about Fermilab, advance their careers and reach their highest potential. From helping support new employees to spreading awareness about Fermilab’s cultural events and professional career development resources, this group is focused on strengthening the collaborative spirit of young professionals at Fermilab. The Young Professionals group promotes all the work-life integration initiatives at Fermilab.

Vision: Young professionals have unique needs and are important contributors to the lab’s mission. The Fermilab Young Professionals group strives to help young professionals integrate into the Fermilab community.

Newsletters & Events

Calendar of activities:
• Monthly email of Fermi events and activities
• Bi-annual events (May and December)
• One field trip in the summer (end of July)
• Quarterly lunches
• Pub nights

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Contact Hannah Ward or Jeny Teheran for more information.

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