Committee of Champions

Appointed by the Fermilab Director, the Committee of Champions is committed to the development and recruitment of new talent through various lab wide programs designed to identify, nurture, and grow individuals with high potential. The Committee champions pathways to partner with and/or hire computer professionals, engineers, and scientists from historically underrepresented groups by supporting, advocating, and seeking out opportunities that encourage work with Fermilab. Membership of the committee spans multiple divisions and departments, a range of disciplines, and the diverse community that is Fermilab.

The goal of the Committee is to support the lab’s multiple internship programs and workforce development initiatives to improve the laboratory’s investment in its talent pool. This includes:

(1) Supporting existing internship programs: The committee will assist the Fermilab internship programs in ensuring an impactful and consistent approach towards the selection, training, and mentoring of students who come to the lab to conduct their research. The committee will also work to develop additional mechanisms by which the lab can track students from underrepresented groups after their internships have concluded and attract them to future job opportunities at the lab.

(2) Expanding our reach: The committee will work to increase awareness both inside and outside the lab of opportunities to engage with populations historically underrepresented in the research community, including via student internships, visiting faculty program (VFP) partnerships, and potential employment opportunities at the lab.

  • Tanya Levshina, Department Head, Scientific Distributed Computing Solutions, Co-Chair
  • Sam Zeller, Deputy Division Head, Neutrino Division, Co-Chair
  • Farah Fahim, PhD, Senior Engineer, Particle Physics Division
  • Ken Herner, Applications Physicist, Scientific Computing Division
  • Stefan Hoeche, PhD, Senior Scientist, PPD Theoretical Physics Department
  • Bo Jayatilaka, PhD, Applications Physicist, Scientific Computing Division
  • Pedro Machado, PhD, Associate Scientist, PPD Theoretical Physics Department
  • Jonathan Paley, PhD, Scientist, NovA, Neutrino Division
  • Gabriel Perdue, PhD, Scientist, Quantum Science Program
  • Ryan Rivera, Principal Engineer, Detector Electronics, Scientific Computing Division
  • Nigel Lockyer, PhD, Laboratory Director
  • Sandra Charles, Chief Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

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