Committee of Champions


Fermilab is preparing for the talent needs of the future. One way to meet these needs is to invest in the recruitment and development of new talent through various student programs designed to identify, nurture and grow high potential talent. The students, who are co-ops, interns, fellows and post-docs, work in positions suited to their academic and career interests while also aligned with our current and future laboratory human resource needs.

Appointed by the laboratory director, the Committee of Champions is tasked with evaluating the skills and talents of identified students and placing them in assignments that will use and continue to grow their skills. The Committee champions pathways to hiring identified students into regular full-time positions by supporting, advocating and seeking out opportunities that encourage continued interest in Fermilab. The goal of the committee is to improve the Laboratory’s investment in this talent pool as measured by the number of individuals who become full-time employees.

With approximately twelve members, the group represents multiple divisions and departments, a range of disciplines and the diverse community that is Fermilab.

  • Tanya Levshina, Department Head, Scientific Distributed Computing Solutions, Co-Chair
  • Sam Zeller, Deputy Division Head, Neutrino Division
  • Herman White, Scientist, Accelerator Division, Co-Chair
  • Nigel Lockyer, Laboratory Director
  • Sandra Charles, Laboratory Talent Acquisition, Diversity & Inclusion Manager


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