EDI Contribution Recognition Nomination is open

  • June 10 - June 24, 2021, 11:00 am US/Central

A quarterly highlight of the contributions of a member of the Fermilab community in promoting diversity and inclusion. The member and their commitment to EDI work will be showcased in Fermilab Today as an expression of gratitude and appreciation. We encourage you to nominate a colleague who has supported the work for EDI!

Submission rubric:
The following rubric indicates the standard by which EDI Contributor nominations will be reviewed. By following this rubric when drafting your nomination, you will ensure the committee has a robust understanding of the nominee’s unique contributions to EDI at Fermilab. The rubric includes the following:

  • The nomination is between 75 – 150 words (at least one paragraph).
  • The nomination includes a clear explanation of a specific contribution to equity, diversity, and inclusion at Fermilab.
    • Ex: The nominee organized a panel discussion on women in STEM for members of the laboratory.
  • The nomination indicates the larger impact of the contribution to the Fermilab community.
    • Ex: As a result of the nominee’s contributions, their department is committed to attending at least one event for Inclusion Matters in 2021.

June 1-15 for July recognition: nomination link