Laboratory Resource Groups

Laboratory Resource Groups (LRGs) are voluntary networks led by the Fermi-community that serve as resources in building a diverse and inclusive workforce that is aligned with the organization’s mission, values, and goals. Our hallmarks include sharing knowledge, strengthening professional networks, and assuring equity and inclusion for each member of the lab community. Our resource groups include Fermilab chapters of national organizations and a network of Laboratory Resource Groups.


Chapters Associated with National Organizations

Fermilab Society of Women Engineers

Leadership: fSWE Leadership: Aisha Ibrahim • Kathrine Laureto • Roshanda Spillers-Nowlin • Doga Murat Kurkcuoglu • Micol Rigatti • Shreya Joshi • Martin Bentivengo • Susanna Stevenson • Lorena Lobato Pardavila

Executive Sponsor: Mayling Wong-Squires

Fermilab Society of Hispanic Prof. Engineers

Leadership: TBA, contact

Executive Sponsor:Contact to get involved

*fSWE & fSHPE are unique LRGs associated with national organizations. 


Laboratory Resource Groups (LRGs)

African-American/Black Association

A resource and advocate for the laboratory’s black diaspora. The group encourages and supports an inclusive environment at Fermilab.

Leadership: AABA Leaders; Natalie Johnson • Latasha Johnson • Richard A. Wallace • Lita Scott • Martin Bentivengo

Executive Sponsor: Alexander Valishev

Hispanic/Latino Forum

A resource and advocate for the laboratory’s diverse Hispanic/Latino community. The group is focused on actively increasing awareness and providing inspiration and motivation for their community and allies.

Leadership: Gonzalo Díaz • Ben Galan • Lymarie Munoz • Adrian I. Orea • Quinn R. Peterson • Sahily Santiago • Jorge Zepeda

Executive Sponsor: James F. Amundson

Spectrum (LGBTQ+) Community

Dedicated to building awareness and providing resources for the LGBTQ+ community in order to foster an environment of understanding, acceptance, and equality for all within the Fermilab community.

Leadership: Erica Snider • Pete Cholewinski

Executive Sponsor: Steve Brice

Women’s Initiative

A platform that provides women the opportunity for professional growth and empowerment at Fermilab. The group is focused on the ways women impact the workplace and the importance of promoting gender equity.

Leadership: The WI Board: Amanda Early • Josephine Fazio • Valerie Higgins • Elizabeth Mendyk

Executive Sponsor: Martha Michels

Fermilab Asian Pacific Association

A resource where community members can discuss topics of common interest and thrive as professionals.

Leadership: Yi Xie • Sudeshna Ganguly • Meghna Bhattacharya • Lipika Swarup • Baisakhi Mitra • Amol Jailer • Gaurav Arora

Executive Sponsor: Contact to get involved

Inclusivity Journal Club

A safe space to review and discuss social science literature with the goal of dissecting diversity and inclusivity challenges in STEM.

Leadership: Daniel Bowring

Veterans Group

A resource for military veterans, families and friends of military service men and women at Fermilab.

Leadership: Brian Niesman • Brandon White • Chandler Lawrence

Executive Sponsor: Susan Simpkins

Fermilab Young Professionals

A platform for young professionals to connect with fellow Fermilab community members to learn about Fermilab, advance their careers and reach their highest potential.

Leadership: The FYP Board: Kerry Aschenbach • Mohammed Elrafih • Michael I Geelhoed • Lorena Lobato Pardavila • Trevor Nichols • Roshanda Spillers-Nowlin • Ahmed Syed • Jeny Teheran

Executive Sponsor: Kevin Burkett

Fermi Accessibility Communities

A space to discuss and help align mismatched interactions in physical accessibility, neurodiversity, and mental health.

Executive Sponsor: Mark Jeffers

Contact to get involved




Users Executive Committee (UEC)

Users Executive Committee

Leadership: Andreas Jung Biswaranjan Behera Tom Carroll Richard Cavanaugh Sridhara Dasu Kevin Pedro Adam Lyon Sophie Middleton Jane Nachtman Neeti Parashar Barbara Yaeggy Scarlet Norberg

The UEC is an organization of scientists and engineers currently engaged in advancing our understanding of the nature of matter and energy. These Users anticipate needing significant resources from the Laboratory to conduct basic research in particle physics, astrophysics, the development of accelerators and their inter-relationship. Its purpose is to provide a forum for discussion of scientific and administrative matters relevant to the organization and functions of the Laboratory. In particular, it should play an important advisory role in determining the relationship of outside Users to the Laboratory and the support they will have in implementing their experimental programs.

UEC Subcommittees are Government Relations, Users Meeting, Quality of Life and Education and Public Engagement.

Questions? Contact Anahi Ruiz Beltran, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist