Laboratory Resource Groups

Our hallmarks include sharing knowledge, strengthening professional networks, and assuring equity and inclusion for each member of the lab community. Our resource groups include Fermilab’s Committee of Champions, Fermilab chapters of national organizations, and a network of Laboratory Resource Groups.

Committee of Champions  

Committee of Champions

Appointed by the laboratory director, the Committee of Champions is tasked with evaluating the skills and talents of identified students and placing them in assignments that will use and continue to grow their skills.

Chapters Associated with National Organizations

Laboratory Resource Groups (LRGs)

African-American/Black Association

Leadership: Marcellus Parker • LaDrena Johnson 

Executive Sponsor: TBA

Hispanic/Latino Forum

Leadership: Minerba Betancourt • Leo Aliaga Soplin

Executive Sponsor: Marcela Carena

Spectrum (LGBTQ+) Community

Leadership: Erica SniderPete Cholewinski

Executive Sponsor: Steve Brice

Women’s Initiative

Leadership: Maura Barone Eileen Beno Amanda Early Valerie Higgins Monika Lasota Laura Rogas Julie Saviano

Executive Sponsor: Alison Markovitz

Asian/Pacific American Community

Leadership: Genfa Wu • Yun He •  Yi Xie

Executive Sponsor: Amber Kenney

Inclusivity Journal Club

Leadership: Daniel Bowring

Veterans Group

Leadership: Brian Niesman • Brandon White

Executive Sponsor: Christopher Mossey

Young Professionals

Leadership: Jeny Teheran

Executive Sponsor: Tim Meyer




Users Executive Committee (UEC)

Users Executive Committee

Leadership: Ashley Back • Nadja Strobbe • Alexx Perloff • Aleena Rafique • Yuanyuan Zhang • Ketino Kaadze • Monica Nunes • Reddy Pratap Gandrajula • Sophie Middleton • Jonathan Asaadi • Anna Hall • Manolis Kargiantoulakis • Isobel Ojalvo


LRG EDI Discussion (Log-in required)


Questions? Contact Jeomar Montelon, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist