How To Report Concerns


“I expect everyone in the Fermilab community of employees, visitors, and guests will continue to recognize, respect and appreciate the identities, experiences and needs of all. Our commitment will ensure we all do our best work and have access to the same opportunities. Harassment and discrimination have no place in our workplace, and we are all accountable to each other. If you ever have need to report a concern, several channels are available, including Integrity Counts and the open doors of HR and the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.”- Sandra Charles, Chief EDI Officer

The Fermilab Concerns Reporting System

Third-party provided hotline/website where reporters may either self-identify or remain anonymous.

Phone Hotline: 866-921-6714 (USA), 00-800-2002-0033 (Switzerland)


Employee/Users Assistance Program

The Benefits and Wellness Office partners with ComPsych to continue to support and encourage well-being and healthy outcomes for our employees and users. Employees and users can visit and create an account following the instructions outlined here (login services required).

ComPsych’s GuidanceResources is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
Call: 866-586-1375
App: GuidanceNow
Web ID: fermieap


Fermilab Security Department

Emergency: 630-840-3131

Non-Emergency: 630-840-3414



Fermilab’s status as a world-class, scientific-research destination and its reputation as an institution of choice requires a community that promotes professionalism, mutual respect, inclusion and that is free from discrimination. Fermilab welcomes a diverse populace with varying backgrounds and experiences including international members. Fermilab expects that all community members commit to the same high standards of ethics and behavior.

The purpose of this Statement of Community Standards is to establish and communicate the set of expectations that all members of the Fermilab community shall follow. Disruptive or harassing behavior shall not be tolerated regardless of race, color, religion, disability, age, gender, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or nationality.

This Statement applies to all members of the Fermilab community: employees, users, subcontractors, visitors, and guests.

Policy on Standards of Conduct

Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity Program: Non-Discrimination, Affirmative Action, Anti-Harassment, and Non-Retaliation in the Workplace [login required]

The Fermilab Concerns Reporting System

Phone Hotline: 866-921-6714 (USA), 00-800-2002-0033 (Switzerland)