Summer Internships in Science & Technology (SIST)

SIST, established in 1970, is the longest operating internship program in the Department of Energy National Laboratory system.

The Summer Internships in Science & Technology (SIST) program offers undergraduate sophomores and juniors majoring in physics, engineering (mechanical, electrical and computer), materials science, mathematics, and computer science the opportunity to conduct research with Fermilab scientists and engineers.

SIST aims to increase the representation of underrepresented groups (Black, Hispanic/Latino, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Alaska Native/American Indian) and women in scientific research and the engineering workforce.

The 12-week paid internship consists of a work assignment, an academic lecture series and a final report presented orally to Fermilab staff and submitted to the laboratory in writing. There are no grades or quizzes.

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The SIST program takes place every summer, and applications are due the previous winter.

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Summer Internships in Science and Technology 2023 Poster Session


What SIST students have to say:

Question: What aspects of the internship did you find most beneficial?

“Working with a team of interns, the weekly meetings with our supervisors, living with the other interns so we could meet each other, and the undergraduate lecture series.”

“I found the poster preparation to be the most beneficial because it is always difficult to condense a lot of information in a clear, concise way. I am very interested in expanding my skills in scientific communication so I found it very helpful to get advice on the posters.”

“Access to personnel that are capable and enthusiastic about their job. The seminars were great and gave an introduction to a wide array of topics.”


Check out the presentations and papers from 2018 and archive from previous years, and a synopsis of selected past students.