Fermi Accessibility Communities (FACts)

Mission: The mission of FACts is to hold space to discuss and help align mismatched interactions in physical accessibility, neurodiversity, and mental health. All employees are invited to the table to share any part of their personal experiences to enhance our collective understanding of and support for accessibility.

Vision: All members of the Fermilab community experience full physical, psychological, and intellectual access to benefits, special programming, and standard laboratory operations. All members of the community can implement best practices to ensure accessibility for their colleagues.


Areas of Focus:

  • Understanding what physical, psychological, and intellectual accessibility looks like for employees, visitors and guests
  • Building a system of support based on individual experience and sharing of resources such as requesting accommodations, disability and leave, using the Employee Assistance Program, understanding physical and psychological safety, and others
  • Organizing accessibility programming and learning opportunities for teamwork and advocacy
  • Championing accessible workplace tools and platforms

LRG Launch

Fermi Accessibility Communities launched on July 27, 2022 in alignment with the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. A recording of the brown bag luncheon is available here. The announcement for Fermilab employees is available here.

To join our Listserv, please send an email to listserv@fnal.gov with SUBSCRIBE FACTS in the email body.

Each color of the Disability Pride Flag represents a different type of disability: physical (red), cognitive and intellectual (yellow), invisible and undiagnosed (white), psychosocial (blue), and sensory (green). The charcoal background symbolizes mourning for victims of ableism, and the colored bands are placed diagonally to convey persons with disabilities “cutting across” societal barriers. Source: Human Rights Watch


Resources & News

  • A different way of thinking, Neurodivergent physicists face barriers in STEM, but there are also benefits to being who they are, Symmetry, May 30, 2023




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