Fermilab Young Professionals Buddy Program

The FYP Buddy program aims to help new employees transition into their roles and provide support for them to succeed at Fermilab. New employees are matched with a buddy, who is a current employee to help them navigate the lab and their new position.

The FYP Buddy Program is modeled after the FYP Buddy Initiative, which matched about 20 new young employees with fellow colleagues.



The Buddy Program will:

  • Welcome new employees
  • Increase sense of belonging to Fermilab
  • Enhance the onboarding experience for new employees
  • Increase collaboration across the lab to assist employees’ understanding of how their role ties to the Fermilab mission

For each pair, the program runs for six months and is divided into three phases. Each phase focuses on diverse topics, such as the Fermilab working environment, resources, and organizational knowledge. All participants will be subscribed to fermi_buddy@fnal.gov to share insights, ask questions, and interact with fellow Fermilab employees.

The new employee and the buddy are encouraged to meet as soon as possible they are matched and regularly during each phase:

  • 1st phase: 45 mins every week
  • 2nd phase: 20 mins every week
  • 3rd phase: 5 mins every week

For more information, the FYP Buddy Manual is available here.

How to sign up?

All new employees hired since March 2020 are encouraged to sign up to the FYP Buddy program with the form below. All fields are required.


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