Inclusion Matters 2021

 Inclusion Matters 2021 Calendar

Calendar of events for Inclusion Matters Series 2021

Calendar of events for Inclusion Matters Series 2021 (subject to change)


2021 Program Descriptions & Event Registration Info


Person-first Language in the Workplace: Kevin’s handicapped”…”Kevin is a person with a disability”… Can you hear the difference? This is an example of Person First Language. As a society we must first acknowledge that people with disabilities are people first, they are not their disability. Person first language recognizes that ALL people have many different characteristics, skills, strengths, challenges, and interests; having a disability should not define who you are or the way you are viewed by others.

Katie Algrim of the Regional Office of Education of Kane County presents on developing a culture that emphasizes members of the community first. It promotes a gratitude-based culture by developing language that promotes the Fermilab community members. 

Date: Tuesday, May 11th, 9:00am – 10:15am CST
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Inclusive Communication with Gratitude: Led by DEI trainer Anna Burroughs, Inclusive Communication with Gratitude will feature strategies and techniques for integrating elements of appreciation for cultural differences and contributions of Fermilab staff. Attendees of this workshop will examine their own cultural identities while learning how to effectively communicate with people of different backgrounds and identities within Fermilab.

Date: Tuesday, May 25th, 2:00pm – 3:00pm CST
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EDI Contribution Recognition: A quarterly highlight of the contributions of a member of the Fermilab community in promoting diversity and inclusion. The member and their commitment to EDI work will be showcased in Fermilab Today as an expression of gratitude and appreciation. We encourage you to nominate a colleague who has supported the work for EDI!

Nominations will open:
March 1-15 for April recognition: Congratulations to Jim Fromm, Jeny Teheran, and Alyssa Miller who were awarded the April EDI contribution recognition and for their continued efforts! 
June 1-15 for July recognition: nomination link TBA
August 2-16 for September: nomination link TBA
November 1-15 for December: nomination link TBA



Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI):  The IDI will be introduced to understand strengths and gaps in understanding any cultural difference in a workplace. Attendees will learn about what the exam aims to evaluate, take the inventory, and receive the results of the exam to reveal strengths in weakness in navigating cultural differences.

Date: Thursday, March 11th 12:30pm – 1:30pm


LGBT+ Safe Zone Training: A presentation on creating a welcoming and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ members of the Fermilab community. The focus is placed on using language accepted within the LBTQ+ community. The event will discuss how to appreciate the presence of LGBT+ members and create a welcoming community that thanks Fermilab members for their membership in the community.

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Picture a Scientist: This is a film screening of the 2020 documentary “Picture a Scientist.” It describes the issues female scientists face when entering academia. The presentation will help members get a greater appreciation for the hurdles members of the community faces from an intersectional perspective.

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Lab Resource Group (LRG) Symposium: The event will highlight the work of Fermilab Lab Resource Groups and thank them for their impact on the lab. The event will graciously mark the end of a fiscal year and look forward to LRG priorities in the next fiscal year. 

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Impostor Syndrome: Pearl Sandick of the University of Utah presents on the causes of impostor syndrome in young scientists and possible solutions as young members take more steps in their career.

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Presentation on Microaggressions: Dr. Adia Gooden is an engaging, authentic, and dynamic speaker who connects with audiences and provides practical strategies that help people grow and thrive. Her talk will discuss how to understand microaggressions and identify their impact in the workplace. 

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How to be an Upstander, Diversity Best Practices: This program will equip the Fermilab community with the skills to become true allies, to identify incidents and speak out against them, and to go from “bystander” to “upstander.”

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College Summit: Event for members of the community that would like a better understanding of college students in Chicago as they make the next step to internships, the workplace, or graduate school.

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