TARGET Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply as a freshman?

At time of application, the student must be a Sophomore or Junior.

Can I apply if I am homeschooled?

Yes, as long as you reside in the state of Illinois.

If accepted, will I be living onsite?

TARGET Program does not provide housing for interns. It is the intern’s responsibility to commute to and from Fermilab.

Does Fermilab provide transportation?

Bus transportation is provided to and from Fermilab at the CTA Blue Line Forest Park terminal, for interns residing in the Chicago area.

Do the letters of recommendation have to come from my science & math teachers?

Yes. Recommendations from science/math teachers are preferred, and must also be submitted by the application deadline.

How many hours will I work per week?

Interns will work the morning hours (8am-12pm) with an assigned project supervisor—20 paid work hours per week—and do STEM & Leadership Workshops in the afternoons (unpaid).

How much will I be paid?

$12.50 per hour.

What are the program hours?

8am to 4pm.