VALOR (Veteran Applied Laboratory Occupational Retraining) Program

As an extension of the VetTech internship program, Fermilab is furthering its commitment to U.S. military veterans by providing training and career opportunities in a new program called Veteran Applied Laboratory Occupational Retraining (VALOR). The new program expands opportunities by providing multiple entry points for STEM-based technical learning and training that lead to consideration for full-time employment.

VALOR aims to provide military veterans at the start of their civilian career valuable hands-on training experiences and full-time technical career placement and security at Fermilab. Military veterans are offered 10-week paid internships and 6-month paid apprenticeships in a broad range of laboratory specializations that include but are not limited to fabricating, assembling, calibrating, operating, testing, repairing, or modifying electronic or mechanical equipment, systems, devices, or databases. Placement may also include work in information technology, procurement, or in environment, safety, and health.

Fermilab’s VetTech internship program was established in 2016 and recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as a 2019 HIRE Vets Gold Medallion Award recipient. The award recognizes job creators who demonstrate a strong commitment to recruiting, hiring and retaining our nation’s veterans.

Interested parties are encouraged to apply at Fermilab jobs.


View Program Eligibility on our VALOR Program Internships Page.

The expanded VALOR program provides technical operations training and employment opportunities to military veterans at the beginning of their civilian careers.
Photographer, Al Johnson, Fermilab