Veterans Group

Photograph of the Veterans Day Celebration 2018 at Building 327

Mission: To provide continuing camaraderie, support, and advocacy for all veterans in the Fermilab community, including employees, students, and contractors, as well as family and friends of veterans.

Vision: Wholeheartedly appreciating the sacrifice that veterans make on the behalf of their nation and recognizing their years of service.

The Veterans Group promotes workplace inclusion and employment efforts by building collegiality, visibility, and providing an information-sharing network for the veteran community at Fermilab.

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Fermilab strengthens commitment to U.S. veterans with new $4 million workforce development program

Fermilab has created the new workforce development program in coordination with the Department of Energy’s Office of Science to offer military veterans valuable hands-on training experiences and full-time technical career placement at Fermilab.

May 4, 2022


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Executive Sponsor: Susan Simpkins

Fermilab Veterans Covered by Quilts of Valor

50 Quilts for 50 Fermi-veterans. Special thanks to the Quilts of Valor Foundation! November 9, 2018 | Photo: Reidar Hahn