Fermilab Young Professionals

Mission: To offer a platform for young professionals to connect with fellow Fermilab community members to learn about Fermilab, advance their careers and reach their highest potential. From helping support new employees to spreading awareness about Fermilab’s cultural events and professional career development resources, this group is focused on strengthening the collaborative spirit of young professionals at Fermilab. The Young Professionals group promotes all the work-life integration initiatives at Fermilab.

Vision: Young professionals have unique needs and are important contributors to the lab’s mission. The Fermilab Young Professionals group strives to help young professionals integrate into the Fermilab community.


Buddy Program

Logo for Fermilab Young Professional group

The FYP Buddy program aims to help transition new employees transition into their roles and provide support for them to succeed at Fermilab. New employees are matched with a buddy, who is a current employee to help them navigate the lab and their new position. Learn more here.

Tours & Events

FYP regularly schedules get togethers for young and early career professionals to get to know Fermilab and their colleagues.

Past events include:

-MINOS Underground Tour

-Integrated Engineering Research Center new building tour

-PIP-II Cryoplant Building tour

-Muon g-2 experiment

-Bikes and Bison tour of Fermilab site

-Joint Networking Event of DOE ECRGs

-Offsite rock climbing, hiking, lunches, and more!


To join our Listserv, please send an email to listserv@fnal.gov with SUBSCRIBE FERMILAB_YOUNG_PROFESSIONALS in the email body.


Contact the FYP Board for more information; Executive Sponsor: Kevin Burkett, Associate Lab Director, Particle Physics